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Navaneeth N. Kini & Co., was set up in Jan 1998 as a chartered accountancy firm to render audit and taxation services.

In Jul 2000, the firm was merged with M/s Patel & Deodhar, a Mumbai based CA firm to become Bangalore branch of the said firm.

In Apr-2003, Bangalore office of M/s Patel & Deodhar, with its staff and infrastructure split and reconstituted as Navaneeth N. Kini & Co. to carry of the profession of accountancy.

Income Tax
Wealth Tax
Service Tax
Karnataka Commercial Taxes (VAT / CST / ET / SET / PT / S&E etc.)
Company Law
Foreign Contribution Law

Individuals (residents & non residents)
Start up companies
Indian and multi-national corporates with turnover in excess of 100 crores

IT & IT Enabled Services, Telecommunication, Financial Services, State PSU’s, Healthcare, Advertising, Banking, Light Engineering, Hospitality – Hotels, Construction, Education, etc.


Individuals (residents & non residents) Start up companies Indian and multi-national corporates
01. Income / wealth tax        planning
02. Advising on capital       gains
03. Assistance in tax        remittance
04. Filing tax returns
05. Attending to Income        Tax  notices.
06. Summarisation of        stock
07. Reporting on Indian
01. Setting up the        business entities
02. Business plan
03. Good business practices
04. Drafting share holders
05. Statutory registrations
06. Initial handholding on
07. Setting up of accounts
08. Audit
09. Filing returns
10. Representation to
       statutory authorities
01. Opinion on        transactions
02. Registrations /       amendments
03. Filing of returns
04. Tax assessments /        appeals
05. Expat taxation
06. KVAT audit
07. Service tax        compliances
08. Assistance to audit        committees
09. Certification
10. Approvals / exemptions
11. Internal audit
12. Costing
13. Standard operating        procedure
14. Due diligence
15. Business plan
16. Specific audits
17. Business valuations
18. Investigations

Name of the proprietor Navaneeth N. Kini
Membership no. 102412
Firm regn. no. 010175S
Established in Jan-1998